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Welcome to our jobseeker advice section. Jobs In Lincoln's dedicated section providing hints, tips and advice for CVs, interviews and finding your perfect career. Before you apply for jobs here or attend an interview, check out our free articles from recruitment experts, to help you progress in your next career move.

How to dress for a job interview

There are many components to a successful job interview. Your demeanor, eye contact, ability to answer the interviewer’s questions, and your ability to ask the proper questions all play an important part in winning over the interviewer and landing the job. But before one word is spoken and pleasantries have been exchanged, you are being judged. The way you dress is going to set the tone for the rest of the interview and will have a big impact on whether you get the job or not. Here are some guidelines to ensure you are dressed properly for your next job interview.

Dealing with career gaps in your CV / interview
There are many reasons that people might have unemployment gaps on their CVs. The poor economy, of course, has had a major impact on employment. Read our guide on how to deal with career gaps in your CV and at interviews.

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